Founder of PB Sports Performance Sam Murphy has over 10 years coaching experience in sport & exercise. Originating in the sea kayaking and adventure sport industry, Sam has build his business philosophy around the fundamental idea that “smooth seas never made a skilled sailor”.

Continuing his development into the world of strength & conditioning through canoe polo, weightlifting and powerlifting he has been applying evidence-based practice since his Strength & Conditioning Masters at the University of Chester in 2013. With full UKSCA accreditation and British Weightlifting L2 coaching, personal performances at the British Weightlifting championships and qualification for the 2018 BDFPA Powerlifting championships, Sam is a firm believer in practicing what he preaches.

Sam now works with a range of athletes out of Fusion Fitness & Performance Centre on the Isle of Man. Because of the oversaturated market of under qualified Personal Trainers in today’s fitness industry,

Sam also provides coaching & programming for non-competitive strength, fitness and health inspired individuals.


1-2-1 Services

Biomechanical analysis-£50- 60-90 minutes complete analysis of your movement, imbalances and mobility with a plan to fix.

Personal Coaching- Individualised training, completely bespoke.

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Team education + S&C support

We can provide each player with a complete biomechanical assessment, exercises to improve their movement efficiency and significantly reduce your teams injury rate through a training season. In addition, we can continue this service with regular education seminars, group training sessions or a complete player profile and training plan.

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Fusion Fitness & Performance Centre

A fully furbished facility with lifting platforms, bumper plates, multiple use bars, 1-50kg dumbbells, 2-40kg kettle bells, over 1000kg weight plates, plate loaded machines, cable machines, 12 meter sled track, 6-70kg slam balls, various strongman equipment, specialist strength training equipment, coffee lounge and a coach present during peak hours.


Base membership- £45


Fusion Membership- £55-£80 per month-

All the benefits of a base membership with the inclusion of a choice of programs to follow, the coach present will be able to provide you with alterations to the program if it required. All membership options are also interchangeable, where a mix & match approach is encouraged.

Strength- Strengthen the 5 major components of squat, bench press, deadlift, Row & loaded carries/ stability. Powerlifting and strongman elements with exercises to reduce the risk of injury.

Movement- Basic gymnastics, calisthenics and bodyweight movements with assistance exercises to reduce the risk of injury.

Physique- Classic 5 day physique development split with sets, reps and tempo’s designed for muscular growth.


PB Sports Performance Membership- £70-£95 per month

This option has all the benefits of a base membership with the inclusion of a completely bespoke sport specific or goal specific training plan and regular assessments.


PB Junior Development

The Personal Best Junior Development is a scheme to develop all those who enroll into robust adults, with faith in the idea that if they work intelligently and diligently with difficult tasks they can be achieved.

We provide monthly targets, training programs and challenges for students to achieve through an online app called Edufii.

Saturday mornings are used for group training sessions out of Fusion Fitness & Performance, where students can train at any time between 6.30am and 10am.


Monthly membership is £20 with a £15 induction process.


Online Coaching

Using Edufii, services include full online coaching, with scheduled web chats, full training program, and movement analysis for your sport or physical training goal.


Fusion Online- You can access the above mentioned Fusion programming option completely online with video demonstrations of exercises- £35 per month


Program consultancy- We also offer bespoke gym or team online training programs with test methodology, coach/ trainer education, training programs & movement analysis can all be completed online.

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