“Sam has been working with some children from our school on their core strength for the past twelve months. It has made a huge difference to the children’s co-ordination, confidence and concentration. As a result, their engagement and progress in their learning has improved. We have also received excellent feedback from parents, who feel the sessions have been extremely beneficial for their children, as they have also seen the results at home”.

Isle of Man Primary School Head Teacher


"As teachers we find Sam brilliant to work with. For several years now he has created thorough programmes tailored to suit the range of needs of children in Reception. The sessions are light hearted and great fun for the children. The therapy cleverly woven into the sessions has each year had a tangible impact on the physical, cognitive and behavioural development of the children. Sam's programmes compliment our teaching and allow the children to be more able, effective and most importantly of all, exceedingly happy leaners. All the children love Sam’s sessions!”

Isle of Man Reception Teacher


“Sam's programme is unique, it targets a vast range of pupils with varying degrees of sporting ability and gives them an even platform to succeed based on their will power and drive. Our school thoroughly appreciates the time he devotes to our pupils and the benefits and opportunities he provides them with”

Isle of Man Head PE Staff


“You're currently inspiring the next generation across the whole Island with the work you do. I teach a handful of the students on the PB Scholarship and its already having a really positive impact on them”

Island Secondary School Teacher


“I have witnessed Sam working with a number of different groups of students, both at King William’s College and now at QE2 High School. It has been great to see how well the students have responded and how much they have learnt by working with him. The PB scholarship scheme has allowed my students to gain a deeper understanding of their own bodies, and also how to look after themselves in order to reach their potential. Sam’s knowledge of physical performance and enthusiasm for his work always makes for excellent, fun sessions for the students, and getting a large number of students in every week at 7:30am in the morning is testament to how much the students value the work that they do with Sam. He is an outstanding sports performance coach and the PB scholarship scheme is something that is really making a significant contribution to the lives of many young people across the Isle of Man.”

Isle of Man Head of PE Staff


"At age 64, and in no way an athlete having never learned to catch a ball (I can sail and fly a plane, though), I find working with Sam a comfortable, productive and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

A natural coach, Sam understands much more than most people I have met in his profession and can communicate it.

He makes you feel comfortable and encouraged, yet challenged at the same time without making you feel sub-human because you’re not in the best shape. Sam takes lots of time to understand more about you than just weight, muscle tone and repetitions.

I have been working with Sam for over two years and look forward to continuing to make progress with his help.

He has my complete confidence”

Bransom Bean