“I was an overweight teenager, below average in sporting ability, academics and had very low self esteem. One day when I was 16, still not knowing why, chose to act differently to what life provided me with. I chose not to let bullying hold me back, I chose to exercise in my bedroom using my school bag as a dumbbell. I set out to prove to those who degraded me academically and physically wrong.”


“Since that day, I have strived to better my self at every opportunity and my life is built around 3 key principals:

1- To remain curious - Ever expanding my knowledge in business, science, physics, philosophy, emotion and experiences.


2- To remain noble - Ensuring I have a selfless objective within every aspect of PB Sports Performance and to help others feel as energetic and passionate for life as I do now.


3- To lead by example - By doing so, empowering others with the belief that they always have a choice to make things better.”


Sam is now the only Strength & Conditioning coach on the Isle of Man with Masters level Strength & Conditioning education, full UKSCA (UK Strength & Conditioning Association) accreditation and a British Weightlifting Coach license.

Sam has worked with elite level athletes in Heptathlon, Judo, Swimming, Equestrian, Netball, Snow sports, Shot-put, Rugby, Race walking, Hammer, Weightlifting and Power lifting.


Sam was nominated for the Isle of Man awards for excellence in 2014 under the category for Inovation and Independent thinking. Subsequently for putting the thoughts and plans into action from 2014-2016 he was awarded the young achieve of the year in 2016.

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“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi