Student Scholarship

Mission Statement

The PB Student Scholarship is a scheme to reward students for their drive to succeed, and ability to inspire others regardless of their sporting background.

“We believe in having students leaving the education system healthy, athletic, inspired and hungry for life”


Primary Objectives

1 - To use exercise, sport, charitable work and teamwork as a vehicle to cultivate inspirational individuals.

2 - To provide individual coaching and support so they can leave the Manx education system healthy, athletic, inspired and hungry for life.

3 - To Provide development pathways and methods for students to launch out of formal education into the ‘real world’.

Selected Students will receive:

Individual development sessions throughout their formal academic career pending their biannual selection process every September & April.


Session content may include:

•Physical literacy - General physical preparation for a healthy functional being

•Strength & conditioning - Sport/ goal specific exercises to maximise each pupil’s potential

•Team building - Understanding that even individual activities require a team to succeed

•Lifestyle management - Understanding the importance of quality sleep, nutrition and social activities

•Character development - Understanding that the limitations we hold in our selves are often just an illusion created from our own fears and doubts


Looking after the future of children is essential for our economy to continue to thrive.

Additional sponsorship in the form of equipment, training kit and coach support is embraced from all avenues.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Personal Best Student Scholarship please get in touch.


To apply for the next selection intake you must be in full time education.

Send me an email explaining why you feel you are compatible with the scheme and I will get back to you with further details