PB Insight strives to provide families on the Isle of Man with drug-free solutions to learning and behaviour problems.



The “Manx legacy” program was launched on the Isle of Man in September 2014 with the primary intention of gathering information on the following:

How do we learn new skills?

At what age do bad movement habits begin to present themselves?

At what age do bad behavioral habits begin to present themselves?

At what age/ point do children get labeled with having learning dificulties ?

Why is there an increase in the number of children being labeled with these conditions?


“I have a personal history with dyslexic tendencies and how psychologically it can affect wellbeing. Having been placed in that box when I was younger I now strive to make other young people realise that they are more than their label states.”


As a licenced INPP practitioner, Sam applies professional techniques to gain an understanding of whether underlying neurological dysfunction is contributing to the associated difficulties. Galaburda (2001) suggests that problems can occur from two principal levels of our brain; higher and lower order processing. As we grow beyond infancy, higher processing areas of the brain should take control and direct lower centres. Persistent lower level dominance as we mature physically can effect how a child learns and behaves.


Either fill out the simple questionnaire directly from the INPP Here


Or book in for an initial Consultation & intervention strategy - £50

60-90 minutes


Screening questionnaire - An in depth battery of questions to understand the history of your child and if they would benefit from the INPP intervention strategy.

Screening physical assessment- A small number of simple assessments to see if the full diagnostic assessment is necessary.


Greater understanding of what interventions/ activities/ sports would most benefit your child and direct contacts for these.

Next Steps:

Judgment of future intervention process.

Either external activity, sport or intervention process outside of PB Insight.

OR - INPP Full Diagnostic assessment, if deemed necessary

We also provide short seminars/ talks for parents and teachers on request.