ETR PROGRAM- £50- £90 /month

Are you ready to earn the right?

This program is not a simple cut and paste blanket training program. This is a program that evolves around the decisions you make and the direction you want to take it.

It is an education process, where I provide the tools and structure and you are your own teacher.

The process can be applied to strength, physique and/or sports performance.

The process begins with weekly meetings and challenges for you to practice and 24 hour online support.

Initially the goals are broad, but over time, what you learn and the subsequent questions you ask, will lead to an entirely unique approach to your training.

After all, you know yourself best.

For the people who don’t know where to start with health & fitness or for those who are meticulous with their approach to fitness and want to know the WHY’s and the HOW’s of their training.


PB PROGRAM- £50-£100/month

After a 1-2-1 physical consultation with baseline tests, I create a program that is designed around your goals and training schedule.

Using skills learned as an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCC) by the UKSCA and a Masters level education in Strength & Conditioning, I research the current best practices for your sport or goals.

After this we keep track online with videos and feedback, while meet every month to check your progress with re-tests and evaluate what is the best next step to take.

For current athletes trying to structure their gym or conditioning work around training times, work and life schedules.

Bolt on- Reduced price 1-2-1 booster sessions


PB PERSONAL COACHING- £35-45 /session

Coaching is a two way street and requires learning from the student as well as honest feedback of the exercise and sessions as a whole. Personal coaching is a dynamic session and the direction of each session is dictated as the client requires or feels.

These sessions can be purchased as a stand alone product or as a bolted on service with the ETR or PB Program at a reduced cost.




Designed for those who want the most out of their life and career, Sam takes you through an extremely detailed assessment protocol to give you a highly detailed insight into yourself.


An in depth personal report is created using a combination of the following

•Biomechanical Assessment- Movement quality & exercise form

•Health & Lifestyle Screening- Understanding your daily health & wellness choices

•Personality Profiling- DISC, Jung, Work Values & Personality tests are combined to give a full report on how you respond to specific situations, your instincts as well as insights into your optimal environments for growth in the work place and ever day life.

•Neuro-Physio Observations- Observations of bodily awareness, balance and co-ordination combine to give insight to how you may be perceiving the world around you.

•Nutritional Consultation- An in-depth look into how you fuel your body

•Physiological Profiling- Optional additions for those interested in how their body responds to physical activity

•Blood Profiling- A range of optional blood tests as an objective measurement of general health to monitor change


This report is then used to create the most in-depth intervention strategy with lifestyle, energy intake, exercise intensity and direction of personal growth considered.


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All services can be adapted to suit a team, group or organisation of any size.

Seminar delivery, online tracking, group assessment & training can all be utilised to create a team of optimized humans.

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