Strength & Conditioning

Initial consultation, biomechanical assessment and goal setting £50

60-90 minutes

Outcome- You are provided with an in-depth report on your current movement ability, including suggested methods of improvement such as exercises, stretches or other suggested professionals to consult with.

You will also receive 60-90 minutes of movement coaching, giving you a much greater understanding of how your body is designed to work, where your current weaknesses lie and how to directly improve them.


Strength & Conditioning is a methodology that primarily looks to serve two functions:

Reduced risk of injury

Improving sports performance

To ensure we cover both these aspects to the highest standard, we work together with physiotherapists, nutritionists and other professionals to ensure we look at every angle of an athlete’s requirements.

Measuring changes over time are an integral part of understanding an athlete. Accordingly we can be confident that improvements in our measurements will relate to real life sporting improvements.

Employing current research is vital to provide support to any level athlete across a wide range of sports. With undergraduate and postgraduate sports science experience, it gives us the understanding of how and where to look for well-designed, up to date and relative research for any sport.



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