Team PB

We will empower you with the tools, framework and support network to be healthy, strong and functional

Quick Start Package- £25 a month (no consultation or coach

meetings required, sign up and get going!)


Initial Consultation - £40 (+first month programming free)


Personal Package - £40 a month (single coach)


Colab Package - £40 a month (+£20 per additional coach)


PB Package - £150 a month (unlimited coach access)


All coached packages include monthly meetings with your coach(es)


Wherever you train, in a commercial gym, in your garage, with any goal, you can be a part of PB Sports Performance.


Our network includes the following coaches/ team members

•Strength & Conditioning Coach

•Weightlifting Coach

•Powerlifting Coach

•Technical Sprint Coach

•Performance nutritionist

•Body Transformation Coach

•Physiotherapist/ Injury prevention coach

Sam Murphy will perform all preliminary consultations with an arranged personal or online meeting.


Together with YOUR targets and goals in mind, we will choose the most appropriate team for you.


•Individual coach advice and check ups

•Coach collaboration- Coaches will work together behind the scenes to ensure you receive the best service

•Ability to invite other technical coaches to view and add their input

•Access to your coaches anywhere on the planet (pending wifi signal)

-Nutritional advice/ where to eat from your foreign location

-Training advice for your hotel/ traveling/ bedroom gym

-Advice on locating the best gym for your needs

Across our coaching team, we have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and want to make your goals, targets and aspirations a reality.